Promoting your site

Once an individual has their website built and it is live on the internet the work does not stop there. It is then time to develop a marketing portfolio. Potential visitors to the site need to become aware of it and that is what marketing is going to accomplish among other important things.

Creating an Online Marketing Portfolio

To carry out effective marketing requires having a plan to follow. It can be expensive to market and the marketing dollars should be spent wisely. Also, all marketing efforts should not be focused on just one marketing resource. There are many different online platforms that can be used as effective marketing resources. Many of them cost money but there are also some marketing platforms that are free. A mix of both helps to build a good marketing portfolio.

Promoting the Brand

For those that really want their marketing tactics to pay off quickly then it means investing in those marketing opportunities that are known to give a good return on the marketing investment. Some of these platforms are sites like twitch have become a popular way to promote brands and make them successful. Some of the marketing options include:

  • Paid Sponsorships
  • Affiliate deals
  • Product Partnerships
  • Relationship building

Using AdWords for Promotion and Marketing

Another very common platform and very successful one used by both established and new websites is AdWords. This is an online advertising platform owned and operated by Google. A while back making good use of AdWords was out of financial reach for the small business. Google now offers Google AdWords Express which fits into the budget of most small and new businesses.

Those that are using AdWords for marketing do have some control over the content of the ads and where they will be placed. While there are different options as to where the ads will appear one of the most common choices for ad placement is in the GoogleSearch network as it is used by almost anyone who has access to the internet. Another option is through the Google Display network. Google ads are keyword sensitive so a great deal of care should be taken when developing the ads to include the most effective keywords.

Guide for Making AdWords Work

There is a process to follow to make AdWords marketing a success. The basic steps are:

  • Deciding on the purpose of the ad
  • Determine the budget for the AdWords campaign
  • Create the content with a focus on the keywords
  • Choose a good ad schedule that fits in the budget
  • For part of your target market include the Google Search Partners network
  • If possible increase the cost per click bids
  • Choose as many locations as possible keeping within the budget.

Just as choosing the right locations, content, and duration for the ads, it is equally important to monitor their progress. A wait-and-see approach does not work. Close monitoring allows for changes in the process to be made quickly. It is important to determine why an ad is not bringing the desired results.

It could be the content is not targeting the right keywords or it may be that the schedule chosen for the AdWords is not appropriate. Location of the ads could be another factor. Identifying the problem will allow the client to make the necessary changes through the AdWords platform which can then be further tested.